Foot Anatomy

Foot Anatomy

The human foot is an amazing part of the anatomy. It contains 33 joints and 26 bones, and gives human beings the ability to walk upright. The three basic parts of the foot are the hindfoot, midfoot, and forefoot. Each section of the foot serves a different purpose, but they all work in sync with each other so that people are able to walk and run. The midfoot portion forms the arches of a foot, which helps to absorb shock. The hindfoot consists of the heel and ankle, which are the support system for the calves and legs. The forefoot portion is the toes, and they allow people to move fluently and walk properly. Other scientific names for these parts of the human for are the dorsal, medial, and lateral portions, each of which consists of several bones, nerves and muscles.

People can experience a number of difficulties with their feet. This can include skin-related conditions such as bunions, warts, blisters, and calluses, or they can be more complex and can even require surgery. There are also many different problems that can arise with the ankle and feet that can cause pain and trouble. A clubfoot occurs when portions of the feet turn upward or downward and can result in difficulties walking. Too much physical activity can cause stress fractures, which are small cracks in the bone and can be quite painful. Fallen arches, or “flat feet” is another common problem. This can result in pain or swelling of the foot. Doctors study the different portions of the feet to get a better idea of how to treat issues that can occur.


  • Dorsum of Foot – Easy to read diagram of the dorsal foot area
  • Dorsal Eczema – A study of skin issues that can affect the dorsal area
  • Ankles and Feet – Information about the various bones and arteries within the dorsal region and other areas of the foot
  • Dorsal Diagram – A diagram showing the top and sides of the dorsal area as well as bone names
  • Dorsal Foot Pain – What is dorsal foot pain, and a possible cause


  • Medial/Ankle and Foot Anatomy – Thorough diagram of the nerves and bones in the foot, including medial region
  • Feet Health – Several foot-related issues, as well as some that affect the medial portion
  • Foot Drop – Dealing with foot drop, a condition affecting the medial area of the feet
  • The Ankle – Basics of the ankle, a part of the medial section of the foot
  • Medial Cuneiform Fracture – X-ray images of a medial fracture