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A Word From Our Advisor

Dr. Lepow

"Dear Colleagues,

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to was launched with one goal in mind; to deliver new patients to DPMs."

Ronald S. Lepow, DPM, FACFAS
Past President, A.P.M.A.

Internet Marketing Made Easy for Podiatrists

Today, everybody's advertising on the internet; from major corporations to small local businesses. A traditional yellow page ad and word of mouth just don't cut it anymore. Why do people book reservations or shop online? Because it is convenient! Businesses that advertise on the internet have a competitive advantage over those that do not, simply because most people today are searching online – including those looking for a podiatrist. It is time to build an online presence for your practice if you don't already have one.

So how do you decide who or what to give your money to? Here are a few steps that will guarantee an increase in patients and revenue.

  1. Let an expert do it for you.
    Running a podiatry practice is enough work – let our experts put their expertise to work for you. guarantees that all of our clients receive a return on their investment and results that they can track. We are a pay-for-performance advertising service and only charge for prospective patients that call your office directly! We give you access to all of the phone calls so you can see exactly what you're getting from us at all times.
  2. Exposure on our Partner Network
    Not only does appear on top of all major search engines, but we also push your ad out among our extensive partner network that consists of over 40 other websites and directories that patients search for podiatrists!
  3. Book appointments
    We are experts at making your phone ring; it is your job to book the patients. It is vital to operate as efficiently as possible when trying to grow your business and it starts with the gatekeepers of your practice. Our call recordings will give you an idea of how your staff is interacting with prospective patients and will help you solve any inconsistencies.

Cashing in on internet patients is within your reach. Give a call TODAY and give us the opportunity to drive new patient phone calls to your practice. Remember, we cannot be successful if you're not.

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