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The University Foot and Ankle Institute is internationally-recognized and a leading organization for the treatment of foot and ankle problems. Our team of foot and ankle specialists comprehensively treats all foot and ankle problems from simple tendonitis conditions, bunions, heel pain, ankle sprains and fractures to the most complex reconstructive surgery and limb salvage of the foot and ankle. Our doctors are internationally- recognized for their outstanding leadership and expertise in foot and ankle surgery. We pride ourselves on cutting-edge technology and surgical experience provided in a friendly environment.

Your initial visit at University Foot & Ankle Institute will consist of a full and detailed clinical evaluation of your condition. A detailed description of your symptoms combined with a thorough hands-on examination by the doctor will help us identify your specific diagnosis. Our exam often includes a gait analysis and an evaluation of the entire lower extremity. We have found that by looking past the focused area of symptoms, we are able to identify additional contributing factors that need to be addressed in order to more comprehensively achieve a full recovery and return to full function. Specific diagnostic testing is often used as part of a thorough evaluation, including the potential use of x-rays, ultrasound, M.R.I, or nerve testing, all available at our Institute.

The University Foot & Ankle Institute specializes in both conservative and surgical treatments for conditions of the lower extremity. Many conditions that we see on a regular basis respond very well to conservative treatments, including lower extremity-specialized physical therapy, bracing, cast immobilization, orthotics, and injection therapy. If your condition requires surgical intervention, the surgeons at the University Foot and Ankle Institute are dedicated to providing the latest techniques to achieve a rapid recovery and an optimal long-term result. Many of the surgical procedures performed across the country for bunions, heel pain syndrome, tendon injuries, ankle instability, and nerve pain have been improved upon or developed and introduced by our team.

The doctors at the University Foot & Ankle Institute have produced a constant stream of publications and research on a wide array of topics involving the foot and ankle. In summary, the University Foot and Ankle Institute offers comprehensive, up-to-date, and specialized care of the foot and ankle. Our goal is to treat you like family, and provide a complete and expedient return to full function and activity.

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Dr. Bob Baravarian Dr. Bob Baravarian
Office Foot and Ankle Provider for the Proffesional Tennis Tour Office Foot and Ankle Provider for the Proffesional Tennis Tour
Preferred Foot and Ankle Service Provider University of California, Los Angeles Medical Group Preferred Foot and Ankle Service Provider University of California, Los Angeles Medical Group
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Dr. Bob Baravarian
Dr. Bob Baravarian

Dr. Bob Baravarian is a board certified podiatric foot and ankle specialist. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and a Fellow of the Americal College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He has been involved in athletics his entire life and played competitive tennis in high school and college. He performed a comprehensive three year residency at the University of Pittsburgh, Southside Hospital (formerly St. Francis Health System Residency Program) with emphasis of sports medicine, reconstructive surgery and diabetic limb salvage of the foot and ankle. He then joined U.C.L.A. for a period of four years prior to opening The Foot and Ankle Institute . He is currently a member of U.C.L.A. Medical Group, chief of podiatric surgery at Santa Monica/U.C.L.A. medical center and an assistant clinical professor at the U.C.L.A. School of Medicine. He also serves as co-director of The Foot and Ankle Institute. He is Editor In Chief of the international medical journal, Foot and Ankle Specialist. He has an interest in sports medicine, diabetic foot care, arthritis therapy and reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle and is a consultant to the A.T.P. (Association of Tennis Professionals) tour, multiple running organizations and several shoe manufacturers. Dr. Baravarian is available for consultation at the Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks offices.

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