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Foot Orthotics

Over the counter, kiosk generated, and custom foot orthotics are all ways to provide support and minor physical therapy while going through you’re daily life. They’re not for everyone and not all are the same, but a podiatrist can help educate you on your options.

Diabetic Shoes

Diabetes can take a toll on many aspects of your life, including your feet, gait, and ability to be mobile. Diabetic shoes are bio-medically designed to assist you in walking and provide relief for diabetes induced foot problems.


One of the most self conscious reasons people visit a podiatrist is for toenail fungus. It can affect anyone, it’s generally a localized infection, and foot injuries are a huge catalyst for it. Your podiatrist will be able to give you more information.


When your step causes your big toe to point laterally, it causes a bony bump to protrude from the base. Bunions can be spotted with the naked eye but should be confirmed by x-ray. Your podiatrist may recommend pads to deal with minor bunions but surgery can be required for larger, more painful protrusions.


This painful and alarming ailment can affect any tendon in the body but the tendons in your feet are constantly worked and can become inflamed from excessive use. While care is usually ice and rest, a podiatrist will be able to confirm your diagnosis.


These growths, caused by a strain of HPV, are painful and can cause self esteem issues. They’re also sometimes hard to get rid off if your clothes are infected. The virus enters your skin through open cuts on the bottom of your feed and cause grainy lesions on weight bearing areas. A podiatrist can help relieve discomfort and get the warts removed.

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