The Ultramarathon Resource

The Ultramarathon Resource

The race of all races, the ultramarathon, also referred to as ultra distances is a race of more than 26.2 miles (marathon race). Although, a race over 26.2 is considered an ultramarathon, races over 50 miles are the most typical. Unlike marathons ultramarathons are generally on soft terrain such as trails and or mountain paths. Ultramarathons are popular throughout the world. Many tips and advice for marathons can be applied to the longer distances of ultramarathons. Long distance running principles are the cornerstone and foundation for ultramarathon training. The following resources will get you started in ultramarathons or help you improve your personal records.


Staying Hydrated




  • Hills- The article answers the question why run hills and when to run them.
  • Killer Hills- Hill techniques and how to perform hill drills.
  • Improve Your Running- Article exploring the benefits of hill training.
  • Hill Running- Introduction to hill training.
  • Running Hills- Elite runner Jeff Galloway provides guidance on making hill training easier.

Mind Games

  • Mind Power-Use mind power to advance in ultra running.
  • Mental Imagery- Tips for using mental techniques to improve training and racing abilities.
  • Mental Preparation- Rogue Running article gives details on the advantages of being mental prepared.
  • Marathon Mental Preparation- The article is geared towards marathon mental preparation but can be used successfully in ultramarathons.

Trail Running

  • Trail Running- Reasons to run trails and where o find them.
  • Fit Facts- Article shows the fun of running trails and the advantages of running trails.
  • Trails- Advice on starting trail running.


Other Ultra Resources